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Overcome the analytical bottleneck


Business Intelligence

Decimal Pointan Alytics

Business Intelligence helps you mine insight from the vast amount of data that you already own within the organization. Data is generated by different departments and held in several formats and this makes accessing and utilizing data a big challenge.

For a bank which has a wide product range existing customers are a big target for up-selling. Most banks have some form of customer relationship management software which is used to service their clients. This CRM software is a gold mine of data which can give you signal about the customer behavior. But you need 360 degree view to make sense of the available opportunity and make strategic decisions.

With the help of Business Intelligence you can combine this data with disparate raw data from various sources into meaningful insight

  • Generate Leads for Cross-Selling and Up-Selling
  • Predict Probability of Customer Churn
  • Performance Metrics and Benchmarking of Business Goals
  • Early Fraud Detection and Risk Mitigation
  • Anomaly detection of demographic data
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