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Come, be a DECIMAL

if you aspire to learn, grow and enjoy at workplace... then you are at the right place...

The journey a DECIMAL undertakes


The first step into Decimal Point Analytics, you know that you are at the right place where professional growth has no boundaries for those with desire and passion to continually learn, contribute and grow.

While recruiting from campuses, we empathize with the typical uncertainties that prevail in the minds of newcomers, as the transition from the ‘University’ to the ‘Corporate’ is always a challenging one. Therefore, one of our key emphasis is to make your transition a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. We do this by providing you with a very friendly, transparent and open culture consisting of induction programs, orientation & acclimatization and buddy programs for bonding right at the beginning of your professional journey with us. We ensure that people who join us after gaining some industry experience are equally thrilled by the exposure they get while working on projects and assignments which not only utilize their previous experience but add new dimensions to their overall professional progression and growth.

Our flat organization structure is meant to ensure that the communication chain isn’t too long and you find people at all levels easily accessible and approachable.

Kick-starting your journey of learning and growth:

Our clearly defined career paths, Fast Track career Program, frequent feedback and review sessions, various learning and development interventions and ongoing coaching and mentoring programs are all designed to collaborate with you and drive you towards achieving your professional objectives and aspirations. Here, you will also witness and participate in various discussion platforms, town-hall meetings, suggestion boxes and many more such initiatives, which are a part of an environment that strongly promotes creativity, innovation and initiative among Decimals. Our employee engagement programs are designed to ensure balanced growth. While, you would love being a part of the family of Decimals, we want you to have a proper work-life balance in a way that you never fail to meet your personal commitments and priorities on time. In fact, employee satisfaction is one of the key contributors to Decimal Point Analytics’ consistent excellence

Taking cruise-control of your professional growth

Our work culture is defined by our Mantra “Generate Alpha, Reduce Risk”. We always strive to ‘achieve the ultimate’ for our clients as well as employees within this framework. This gives opportunity to Decimals – to ‘go for the ultimate’, creating value for all stakeholders in the process and to fast track the professional growth

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