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if you aspire to learn, grow and enjoy at workplace... then you are at the right place... Come, be a DECIMAL


Life as a ‘Decimal’

Decimal Pointan Alytics

The life of a ‘Decimal’ (Yes…that’s what we fondly call our people here!!) is an exciting journey where he/she is continuously challenged and exposed to opportunities to grow at a very fast pace. The opportunities are immense for people who are thirsty for growth and who want to create a difference to the world by their unique contributions to the clients we serve and to the society in general. Our culture is open and invigorating for minds who dream of achieving the impossible

Enjoying while learning

We believe that the urge to keep on learning new things is what keeps us going!! Decimals, who are a mix of different educational backgrounds from CFAs and Chartered Accountants to MBAs and engineers are all committed to one common motto of constantly learning and growing professionally and personally while ensuring that their aspirations and professional goals are in alignment with the goals and objectives of the organization. The learning environment creates an aura of being part of ‘Decimal Point Academy’, which makes the whole experience of contributing while learning a rewarding one!

Decimal Pointan Alytics Decimal Pointan Alytics

Mutual trust, care and respect

We are happy that over these years we have been able to foster positive and collaborative working relationships which are based on care, trust and respect for each other. You will feel the warmth and a sense of belongingness to this open, friendly and transparent culture that exists here.

Decimal Pointan Alytics Decimal Pointan Alytics

Fun at work

We carry out the serious business of research with ever-smiling-face and culture of performance, encouragement, and innovation. We work hard and party even harder!! We do not miss any festive occasion or any reason to celebrate, making it a workspace filled with bonhomie. Picnics, team outings, dinners, birthdays, games – all add to the fun. Most importantly, we celebrate and enjoy those together the way a big happy family does

Decimal Pointan Alytics Decimal Pointan Alytics