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25 Apr 2011

Commodity Prices and Terms of Trade

The rising commodity and energy prices are affecting different nations of the world in different ways. The table below shows the imported inflation for year ending February 2011 for a selected group of countries.

1 Data for Jan 2011

Source: World Bank, DPA

Clearly, countries, such as India, which are importing crude and other commodities, are suffering a very high dose of imported inflation. Obviously, commodity exporters should be seeing a gain in their export prices, as confirmed by the table below.

2 Data for Jan 2011

Source: World Bank, DPA

The table below shows the changes in the terms of trade (Export Price Gain minus Import Price Gain) for the select group of countries for last one year

Source: DPA

The liquidity led commodity price inflation has helped countries such as Argentina and Australia, while Korea, Germany, China and India are suffering erosion in Terms of Trade.


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