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Image 02 September 2019


Now an AI Credit-Scoring Tool for Banks

Japanese information technology group, Fujitsu will offer financial institutions a credit-scoring tool that uses AI to screen prospective borrowers. The Tokyo-based company envisions the cloud-based software, which will be available starting in October, being used by lenders mainly to assess small, owner-operated businesses. Fujitsu sees a need for such tools amid a shortage of data specialists available to perform credit analysis in Japan's financial sector. Credit scores will be generated based on such information as bank and business transactions. Read More



AI to Use Electrocardiogram Data to Track Overall Health Status of Patients

An electrocardiogram, also known as an EKG or ECG, is a test used to measure the electrical activity of the heart. Researchers hypothesized that AI could determine a patient's gender and estimate their 'physiologic age' -- a measure of overall body function and health status distinct from chronological age. Using EKG data of almost 500,000 patients, a type of AI known as a convolutional neural network was trained to find similarities among the input and output data. The neural network estimated a patient's chronological age as higher after experiencing adverse health situations such as heart attack, low ejection fraction and coronary artery disease, and lower age if they experienced few or no adverse events. Read More



AI Tracks Migratory Birds Using Weather Radar

Scientists at Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology and the University of Massachusetts’ College of Information and Computer Sciences recently investigated an AI system capable of distinguishing birds in radar images from precipitation. They say that their tool, dubbed MistNet after the fine nets ornithologists use to capture migratory songbirds, not only aids with classification tasks, but can be used to estimate birds’ flying velocity and traffic rates. The fully trained MistNet, which the researchers say is completely autonomous, can produce fine‐grained predictions for applications from “continent‐scale” mapping to airspace usage analysis. When tested against historical and recent data from the US WSR‐88D weather radar network, it was at least 95.9% accurate at identifying all biomass. Read More



AI To Track Students’ Performance in Online Courses

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen investigated an AI model that ingested data from Clio Online, one of the largest content providers for primary schools in Denmark, to identify relationships among factors like time of day, subject, activity type, complexity, and performance. They say their method allowed for tracking changes in behaviour among students over time, as well as trends in the broader educational system. The researchers fed the compiled corpus of data into a cluster analysis algorithm that divvied the features up so that those in each group shared more in common with each other than with those in other groups. Read More



AI Makes Nylon Production Way More Sustainable

In their search to develop an innovative, environmentally friendly process to make adiponitrile (ADN)—the main precursor to nylon 6,6—researchers found a way to improve the efficiency of organic electrosynthesis. Researchers tweaked how electrical current is delivered to catalytic electrodes and then applied AI to further optimize the reaction. By doing so they achieved a 30.0% improvement in ADN production. The researchers found that a direct current did not maximize output of ADN and generated a great deal of the unwanted byproduct propionitrile (PN). They decided to engineer a system that delivers an intermittent current to constantly replenish reagent concentration at the electrocatalytic site and improve ADN output. Read More


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