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Image 04 February 2020

Forex and Derivative Trading

AI to Create New Trading Solutions

JP Morgan is expanding its foray into machine learning and AI with the launch of a new London-based research centre. The Machine Learning Centre of Excellence (ML CoE) partners across the firm to create and share machine learning solutions for the most challenging business problems. It includes the application of the technology to provide an optimised execution tool in FX algo trading, and the development of Robotrader as a tool to automate pricing and hedging of vanilla equity options, using machine learning. Read More


Pension Fund Management

An AI Tool for Pension Fund Management

Investment consultancy Mercer has launched an AI powered tool to assist defined benefits (DB) pension schemes predict the outcome of a member options exercise. The tool will use anonymised data from completed member options exercises and pension schemes’ own data from more than 20,000 member transactions, which, through a machine learning algorithm, will determine the probability of a member accepting a tailored offer. This new data-driven approach will help DB schemes and sponsors to better manage risk through planning member options projects that have optimum member offer structures. Read More


Online Banking

AI to Enhance Security in Online Transactions

Paytm Payments Bank announced AI-driven security measures to safeguard users from fraudsters and protect their transactions. One of the new features analyses 'rogue' apps on user devices which might trigger fraudulent transactions and advises users to uninstall them. Depending on the identified threat level of a transaction, the AI either slows it down or completely blocks the payment from getting completed. This security feature will scan the apps installed on the user device and will pop-up a security alert whenever a dangerous app is found that may put the users' accounts at risk. No transactions will be possible until the user uninstalls the fraudulent app. Read More



Now AI Creates Medicines!

A drug molecule "invented" by AI will be used in human trials in a world first for machine learning in medicine. The molecule - known as DSP-1181 - was created by using algorithms that sifted through potential compounds, checking them against a huge database of parameters. The first drug will enter phase one trials in Japan which, if successful, will be followed by more global tests. The firm is already working on potential drugs for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease and hopes to have another molecule ready for clinical trials by the end of the year. Read More


Cloud Technology

An AI-Enabled Autonomous Cloud Service

San Francisco startup, RealityEngines.AI has turned off stealth mode and launched its completely autonomous cloud AI service. It’s a democratization of AI that will not only create a service that allows anyone to create AI models without having to hire a team of developers, but it makes that service accessible to any business that feels it needs it and might not even have enough data. The synthetic data technology can help companies create AI models with a moderate amount of data. Read More



An AI- Powered Translator

Google unveiled a feature that'll let people use their phones to both transcribe and translate a conversation in real time into a language that isn't being spoken. The tool will be available for the Google Translate app in the coming months. The search giant announced the tool at a press event in San Francisco, where the company showed off other AI projects, including initiatives in health tech and touch controls for fabrics. Read More


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