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Investor relations research solution



Decimal Point Analytics

RoboPulse is a digital platform which provides automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services with no human supervision. It is a dynamic tool, recommending Individual and Institutional investors with sophisticated and customized investment portfolio to achieve set target amount. This algorithm renders precise, quick and inexpensive investment recommendations across the asset classes, risk profiles, countries, and regions. It also reviews the progress periodically and suggests changes just like a human advisor.

RoboPulse platform can help with:

  • The right mix asset of classes
  • Automated Portfolio construction and eliminating the bias in investment advice
  • Schemes recommendations based on the historical performance
  • Customised asset allocation based on inputs received from the investor
  • Review recommended portfolio’s past performances (1 year, 3 years, and 5 years) with an apt benchmark, subject to data availability
  • Handling the volatility in the market by automatically rebalancing according to goals and risk appetite
  • Manage and tracking portfolio frequently without meeting financial advisors
  • Updating your investors regarding their goals through emails and SMS notifications/alerts
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