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An AI Powered App to Manage Institutional Asset Management

Squirro, an AI driven consultancy, has launched a new app combining AI, ML and Predictive Analytics for institutional asset management firms. It will allow asset managers to extract insight from its structured and unstructured data. It combines data from multiple CRM platforms as well as unstructured data sources like RSS news feeds, social media, earnings call transcripts, email, call notes etc. It provides alerts to users immediately whenever a new opportunity arises. It ranks and scores each opportunity.


Artificial Intelligence to Predict Time of Death

Researchers at Stanford University's School of Medicine have developed an algorithm that can predict when a person’s time of death. It analyzes data from thousands of medical records to create a model for the predictions. The time frame window is kept small; between three months to an year. This helps keeps predictions rate accurate. The Dean, Lloyd Minor, said that the AI was able to independently figure out when a person would pass away with 90% accuracy.

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Intel to Launch AI Suite for Manufacturing and Aerospace

Intel has launched its “Saffron AI” platform which will help enterprises in manufacturing and aerospace industries. They will use it to keep a check on their product quality. Saffron AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support has AI powered software applications that will speed up technical issue resolution in manufacturing businesses. It uses Associative Memory Learning and Reasoning AI technology to analyze text data sets to find hidden patterns, trends, and similarities. It does this by gaining insights from previous issues.


AI Powered Virtual Assistant to Assist Doctors Record EHR

Suki, an AI focused firm, is developing virtual assistants that will help doctors log events and record electronic health record (EHR) data. The AI technology being used is natural language processing. By interpreting voices, it logs doctors’ notes and use ML to identify required action. It helps doctors prescribe medication. In its pilot program in 12 locations, it has been able to reduce physicians time spent on paperwork by 60%. They have recently raised $15 million in funding round, led by Venrock.

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Facial Recognition Technology to Find Late Passengers at Airports

Changi Airport, Singapore, is going to use facial recognition technology to locate lost travelers or those spending too much time in the duty-free shops. They propose to mount cameras on lampposts. These cameras will be linked to facial recognition software. They are already using face recognition to offer self-service options at check-in, bag drop, immigration and boarding. The solution will be able to identify more than 1.8 billion faces in less than 3 seconds.


AI Powered Fitness Trainer to Determine Diet and Workout Schedule

RocketBody, a newly launched wearable device on Kickstarter can track metabolic rate and provide optimum time slot for specific training routine. It uses medical-grade EKG to measure metabolic rate over time. It aggregates information including a user’s anthropometric (study of the measurements and proportions of the human body) data, heart rate, calories eaten and training goals. It then curates a set of exercises and nutrition plan for the users.

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Augmented Reality to Remove Biases In Hiring Professionals

Actiview, an augmented reality startup, has developed augmented reality software using short games and assignments to assess potential employees. It can analyze candidate’s qualifications, skills and personal traits to determine the best fit role for them. Using VR headset, algorithm monitors eye movement, facial expressions, and other nonvoluntary signs. Computer is taught how to interpret these signals and identify feelings, personal traits, cognitive abilities and intelligence.


AI to Extract Personality Traits from Eye Movements

Tobias Loetscher and his team from the University of South Australia used ML algorithms to understand how eye movements and personality are related. Students were made to wear eye-tracking smart glasses and were also made to fill out a questionnaire. Personality was broken down into 'Big Five' traits used in psychology. Their team found out that machines are currently 7%-15% better than random chance at predicting these traits.


AI Faltered and Mis-Identified 2000+ People as Potential Criminals

South Wales Police are facing heat after reports showed that their face recognition trial misidentified thousands as potential criminals. About 92% of the alarms were false alarms. The reasons for poor performance is given as "poor quality images" provided by the Interpol. However, the system has been able to give 2000 positive IDs in past nine months. 450 arrests have been made with no people mistakenly taken into custody.


AI and ML to Perform Background Checks on Employees

An Israeli based BI start-up Intelligo has come up with the software-based model titled “Clarity” which can conduct automated due diligence and background checks. It makes use of AI, ML and text analysis. Both structured and un-structured data is collected through multiple data sources like web sources, adverse media, databases, blacklists, legal records, and social media. Its algorithms verify the identity of subject first. Then, ML analysis engine produces a report identifying red flags, enabling leaders to make an appropriate decision. Users can access their searches and continuously monitor research subjects.

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